The 2015 Oscar-Nominated Movies You Can Watch From Home

Last week, WNYC Digital's Julie Whitaker posted a list of where you can stream each 2015 Oscar-nominated movie.  The list didn't include purchasing (including pre-ordering)/renting sites so I thought I'd chip in a little.  Here's is the list of nominees on Google Play as of 01/25/2015.

Best Picture nominee

B-Fest sets their lineup for 2015

A little known film festival, B-Fest, has set their lineup for the 2015 screening.  I'll have to add these to my list of good-bad movies to watch!

B-Fest is a 24-hour marathon of b-movies held by A&O Productions each year in January at Northwestern University’s Norris University Center McCormick Auditorium in Evanston, Illinois.

B-Fest has been likened to an audience-participation version of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000; viewers are encouraged to voice their opinions of onscreen events, especially if such comments provide entertainment for the other festival attendees. Additional staples of B-Fest gatherings are the midnight screening of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space, door prizes from our sponsors, the Northwestern B-Fest Players (who occasionally mount the stage to bring their own theatrical spin to the proceedings), and of course, the sing-along version of The Wizard of Speed and Time.